509 Sinister X5 Snow Goggles - Realtree White Camo

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Frame: Realtree White
Lens: Smoke Tint
Tint: 35%
Conditions: Mid range lens. Good for sunny & low light days.

Package Contents
One set of 509 Sinister X5 snow goggles
One removable nosemask
One soft cleaning, storage bag

Sinister X5
The X5 is the product of several years of tireless improvements, materials sourcing, and an unbreakable drive to develop the absolute best snowmobile goggle in the world. After years of continual goggle technology that the snowmobile industry has EVER seen. We are proud to announce the release of the Sinister X5 and as you will see, there is simply no match in the snowmobile goggle industry.

Fog Free Technology
We have worked closely with the world leader in military & medical anti-fog hard coatings to develop a proprietary, goggle specific, anti-fog technology that is applied to all 509 lenses. We also tirelessly sourced the most durable, scratch resistant lens materials as well. The result is an innovative Polycarbonate (PC) outer lens. This new technology provides an unmatched anti-scratch rating for both the inner and outer lens. In addition, we applied an additional, dual coated NO SCRATCH, hand applied hard coating This protective, permanent hard coating provides an unmatched level of scratch resistance to your goggle lens.

Phantom Frame Technology
The Phantom Frame was completely redesigned to provide the absolute maximum field of vision in the game. Through advanced engineering, 509 was able to literally hide the frame your field of view, giving you the maximum visibility possible. The X5 frame is .05" taller than the original Sinister, giving you a significantly improved field of view. 509 engineered every angle of the X5 Phantom Frame to slope perfectly to the contours of your face, while minimizing the amount of the frame in your field of view. In addition, the frame was designed to fit perfectly in your 509 helmet but is still compatible with a wide variety of competing brands.

Features Include:

Fog Free Lens Technology
Fog Free coating on a Polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch outer lens. Fog proofing & durability like you've never seen before.

Improved Visibility
The X5, is 0.5" taller than the original Sinister, giving you the absolute best vision possible.

Phantom Frame Technology
Through advanced engineering, the X5 features Phantom frame technology, that allows the frame to be virtually hidden from your field of view.

Removable Nosemask
The X5, features a restyled oversized, removable nosemask to keep you warm and comfortable.

Perfect Fit Outriggers
The X5 Perfect Fit Outrigger system, moves the strap mount points forward, giving you a better seal against your face, with evenly applied pressure for that perfect fit.

Anti-Slip Silicon Lined Strap
2" wide, silicon lined straps keeps your goggle strap in-place at all times

Backed by a lifetime warranty covering the frame, strap, nosemask, outriggers, hinges and trim pieces against manufactures defects. One year warranty on the lens and foam against manufactures defects. Normal wear and tear from typical use is not covered.

Note: ALL Warranty claims must be handled by 509 directly by calling 1-877-743-3509 or emailing support@ride509.com. Customer purchases must be registered to qualify for warranty coverage at: www.509films.com/warranty

Improvements for 2015
Improved frame ventilation
Improved lens anti-fog rating
Contoured nose foam for better comfort and less nose pressure
Re-contoured nosemask for better helmet fit

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Color Camouflage

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