Arctic Cat Snobunje Rattler Unstuck Tool

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Maximizes your pulling force by using the weight of your body for leverage
Made of strong stretch cords bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube
The safety strap hook attaches to the ski of the stuck sled with a grab handle on the other end
Can be used as a snatch strap
Creates 300 to 400 pounds of static pulling force
Simply attach the hook to the sled, stand back as far a possible, anchor your feet, and then fall backwards using your body weight to load the bunje with over 300 pounds static of pulling force
WPS PART # 29-1020

Reduce the amount of weight that the track has to move so that the track can hang on to the snow and move the sled. We do not move the stuck sled when we pull on a ski, THE TRACK MOVES THE SLED! Snobunje "Rattler" is a tool that allows you to pull much farther. Using the Snobunje "Cobra" you can create 300 pounds of pulling force that can be applied over a 5' distance. The extended pulling force that these tools can produce allow the track to regain its grip on the snow and move the stuck sled. Stuck sucks but with the right tools, it will suck less.

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