Do you Price Match?

Do you match prices from other online stores?

We do not match pricing from competitors online stores. Often times when the pricing appears to be cheaper, in the long run they are not cheaper. There are many things to consider when comparing pricing. Do they offer free shipping? Are the parts in stock? Is there a technical support department you can contact if you have trouble finding the correct parts? Do they have a technical information page to help you find the information you need to help you fix your machine yourself?  Will they ship your order the same day? Do they have multiple shipping options? Do they show live inventory on the product you are buying?  There is more to getting a good deal than just a low price.

Here at Country Cat we work hard to make your purchasing experience great. We offer fast reliable shipping and most orders have free shipping available as well as a wide variety of shipping options to fit your needs. In most cases, if your order is placed by 12:00pm central time it will ship the same day.  We have a dedicated support staff available to assist you in any needs you may have and our response times are fast. We show live inventory on every product that is listed on our website and our website is constantly updated to give you the most current information.

Please give us an opportunity to gain your business, you will not be disappointed!

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