Checkout Won't Complete

If you experience a problem completing your order and are paying with credit card, below are a few items to check that may help you solve the problem.


Verify all the information carefully to ensure you didn't make a mistake while entering.  Incorrect billing address, CVV code, and Zip code are most common mistakes that will prevent you transaction from successfully completing.

If the shipping address you entered is different than the billing address used for your credit card, that billing address needs to be entered in the payment information section of the checkout.

Billing Information


If the billing and shipping address are the same, check the box next to "My billing and shipping adress are the same".  This will close the billing address box and the shipping address will also be used as your billing address.

Billing Checkbox


We have also seen cases where entering your zip code using zip+4 format can cause the credit card company to reject the transaction because the zip code entered does not match what they have on file.  Simply removing the dash and the last 4 digits (-1234) will allow the order to process correctly.


If all of the above suggestions fail to solve the problem and you are not able to complete your order, contact the support department via the contact us page for further assistance.

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