Silber Turbos Turbocharger Kit - Arctic Cat 2018-2019 M 8000

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"Pull & Go" Turbocharger Kit for CTEC-2 Arctic Cat Sleds
"No Cut" installation. No permanent modification of the sled is required and is installed with commonly found tools in a matter of hours.
Tunerless ECU Reflash. Silber harnesses the power of the snowmobile's stock ECU to properly fuel for the turbocharger. This means there is no button pressing, no tuning, just pull the rope and ride like a normal OEM sled.
Kit includes a high performing kPa 2860 ceramic ball bearing turbo specific to two stroke engine size
Minimal lag with good top end characteristics
Turbo is oiled via the sled's oiling system - This saves weight and reduces complexity
Clutching included for all elevations - Add and remove set screws to adjust cam arm weight
Can run 3-9psi depending on octane and elevation - Boost is adjusted by the linkage arm to the actuator
Kit comes setup at 4-5psi of boost, 76-grams of weight loaded into the weights, for above 6000-ft making about 200-hp on 91-octane premium fuel at 8400-8600-rpm
1-pound of boost equals about a 7-10-hp gain
Much higher output possible, you will need to mix in race/aviation fuel and add more weight to the cam arms

Silber Turbos builds their kits to offer the most performance, while offering one of the least expensive kits around. Don't let the price fool you, while other companies use a piggyback fuel controller to manage fuel requirements for boost, Silber has harnessed the power of the stock ECU, reprogramming it for the turbocharger's requirements. This makes for one of the most OEM like kits on the market. It installs quickly, with most completing it in a handful of hours, and features top shelf hardware such as a kPa ceramic ball bearing turbo, an adjustable wastegate for variable amounts of boost depending on your application, elevation and octane. Don't be stuck at the trailhead pushing buttons or messing with wires on your piggyback controller from the 80s. Jump to the future, and ride the same technology found in today's modern turbocharged automobile. Pull the cord. Ride the sled. You won't be disappointed.

Why Turbo My Mountain Sled?
High altitude is where the turbocharger makes the big difference. At 0-2000-ft the stock 800 C-TEC engine makes around 160-hp. As you go up in altitude the engine makes less power, because the air is thinner and has less oxygen. At 9000-ft the stock engine drops to about 120-hp or less. But add the turbo, and it compresses the air going into the engine, increasing the oxygen content. So not only does the engine maintain its low altitude 160-hp power level, but the additional boost adds an extra 40-hp, making power output about 200-hp. That is a 80-hp gain over a stock sled at 9000-ft altitude.

Can this kit be used for low altitude trail riding?
This kit has been specifically designed and clutched for high altitude, slow speed, heavy load, deep snow mountain riding. This can be installed on short track models and used for low altitude trail riding, but there are several things that you will need to take into account. First, you will need to back the boost off to 3-psi and run at least 30% 100LL aviation fuel to keep the fuel from detonating. You could increase boost to 4-5-psi but, you will need to run at least 50% 100LL aviation fuel. The more aviation fuel that is added, the less responsive the engine will feel, especially off of boost. Also, high speed, low load trail riding is much different than low speed, heavy load mountain riding, so you will need to develop your own clutching that is not included in this kit. Because the kit is running very low boost, adding only a limited potential of its power, has inconvenient high octane fuel requirements, and requires developing your own clutching, it is not the best option for low altitude trail riding. With that being said, if you are the kind of person that knows how to tune and likes developing their own custom engine package, then this kit has a lot of potential to create up to 9-10-psi of boost and a lot of low altitude horsepower.

We introduced our proprietary ECU reflash on the 4th generation Pro RMK kit and have further refined it for the Arctic Cat CTEC2. Reflashing the sled's stock ECU with a custom map specific to our turbo kit is the game changing technology that has brought turbo reliability and performance to never before seen levels. With the Silber kit there is no monkeying around with control boxes or worrying about punching buttons as you change elevation, temperature, snow conditions or even boost levels. Our custom, dynamic map brings multiple variables into account and adjusts parameters to keep your sled running without a hiccup and without touching a thing. Pull. Go. Have fun.

Engine Protection
We are the only manufacturer that has the capability to turn the oil pump up to allow your engine proper lubrication while running a turbo. As additional fuel and air is run through the motor, oil demand is heightened. The stock ECU is designed to lessen oiling as air thins out (you rise in elevation and theoretically load drops). Our propriety tuning software allows us to increase oil volume regardless of air pressure to provide adequate protection for the engine. Remember, pre mixing gas is not an option with these fuel injected motors as the lubrication via fuel will not make it to the key areas of the motor.

The heart of any turbo kit is the turbo setup itself. Our kit includes an internal wastegate kPa ceramic ball bearing turbo specific to the 800cc two stroke engine size This means you'll build boost quickly, smoothly and keep your turbo spooled incredibly well when on/off the throttle in tighter more technical terrain.

No Cut Installation
Our system is designed to quickly install without modification of the sled. Our exhaust system is constructed of 304 SS and fully polished. The system was designed to enhance performance while minimizing noise. The exhaust exits the OEM location in the belly pan allowing for simple installation.

Charge air is fed to the engine through a custom molded silicone charge tube. We use custom silicone because it’s the smoothest flowing, doesn’t conduct heat like aluminum and allows for an OEM like fit.

The intake air is routed to the turbocharger through plastic cold air intake. The custom high impact modular plastic intake is feather light and adapts seamlessly to the OEM hood. This allows for cold air to be drawn through the stock hood vents.

Kit Includes:

Turbocharger assembly
All necessary piping and hoses
Exhaust muffler
Clutching for all altitudes
Installation instructions
Note: You will be required to ship your OEM ECU to us for a mapping reflash

Fits Arctic Cat Models:

2018-2019 M 8000

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